Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Christmas Is All About Is About Our Lord Jesus

When Christmas come around all the family’s get together we put up our Christmas tree and we sing Christmas songs then we sit around the tree and get the kids to sit down so we tell the kids what

Christmas is all about then we told them that it was our Lord Jesus birthday on Christmas day then the kids ask could they sing happy birthday to our Lord Jesus and they said yes we can so they sing happy birthday to our Lord

Jesus and they new then it wouldn’t just about getting gifts but it was about our Lord and that He loved us so much that He gave his life for us so then the kids wanting to give the Lord something for his birthday so they sing a good song to Him. Then they sit around the dinner table and they give thanks to our Lord Jesus for
there Christmas dinner and then they getting ready for new years

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dark Road

How do I get to where I’m going
When I’m lost from where I came
Following the directions on the map
There’s only one, that I could blame

Traveling miles of lonely highway
Destined, still searching for a sign
Circumstance going terribly wrong
In bewilderment I’ve went half blind

Looking intensely from place to place
An empty promise far as the eye did see
Nothing appeared in my shadowed sight
Except, the dark road of emotional debris

Quick was gloom to penetrate around
In darkness, feeling my own despair
Caught by hours leading to midnight
Isolated, out in the middle of nowhere.

Patricia A Moore
November 20,2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Family's And Friend's With There Kid's

Family And Friend’s With There Kids

When all the family got together the kids went out to play.
Their mom and dad’s talked to their friend’s
The family and their friend’s thought they would take their kid’s fishing. All the kid’s enjoy the fishing trip.
They ask if they could stay fishing and their mom and dad said yes.
The kid’s had so much fun that day fishing they caught a lot of fish So they had fish for supper and after supper the older son wanted to go walking down by the creek for awhile

He met a girl on the way there she was the prettiest thing he ever seen he wanted to hold her hand but he was to shy
He asked her if they could meet down by the creek again
And she said yes and they started meeting there every day.
As the days went by they fall in love with each other.

Then she ask him do you believe in the Lord Jesus and he said yes I do then she said I am very glad you do I believe in our Lord Jesus too. She out were he goes to church at then she ask her mom could they go to her boyfriend church and her mom said yes they could.

So they went to his church all the time he sit by her at church all the time and they to be old enough to get marry so he ask her would she marry him then the girl said yes she would be glad to marry him. Then they got marry and then they had a baby and his mom and dad was very happy for them the mom was so happy to be a grandmother and his dad was so happy to be a grandfather and

They live happy after

Write By Eddie


Friday, November 5, 2010

You Can Call On The Lord Jesus When You Are Down

When you are down our Lord Jesus will pick you up
He will help you with any thing all you have to do is call on Him Our Lord Jesus will be there for you.
You can talk to Him about any thing that you want
He will hear you He is always there to talk with you
When you can’t sleep at night the Lord Jesus is right there  
There is nothing to big for the Him to do.
All you have to do is call on Him 
You can pray to the Lord Jesus all the time and talk to Him.
Our Lord will come back real soon to take us home with Him
Then we can walk with Him all the time
Then we will sing to Him and talk with Him
It will be joy to be with our Lord Jesus
We will see our family’s there to and we will get to be with them 
We will be so happy to be home with our Lord Jesus 
Our Lord will keep us safe all the time

Eddie L Salsbury

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Splender Of The Day

The splendor of the day was given by the Lord Jesus
So let us in heart rejoice and with gladness be grateful
We can look at the beauty of the flowers that are around
And appreciate the rain that cools on a hot summer day
Or see the glory of the mountains on a moonlit night
May we cherish friends that He’s graciously put in our life’s
And take not for granted the blessings set before us today

God Bless.. Eddie L Salsbury.. 4-24-2010